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It's Complicated: An Opposites Attract Office Romance (Finding Providence)

By Jill Burrell

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He’s an over-achieving perfectionist. She doesn’t tolerate bossy men.

Foster is organized, focused, and hardworking—or as his younger sister
calls it, neurotic. When the opportunity of a lifetime—becoming the Vice
President of Marketing—is within his grasp, he is determined to
succeed. He must rely on the help of an accomplished and beautiful
coworker to achieve his goal. A coworker who is as distracting as she is

Failure isn’t an option for Celeste Hightower. She’s
had to work too hard to get where she’s at. Working with the man she’s
had a crush on for the past four years is just another hurdle she needs
to cross. Too bad fear of failing keeps her from chasing her true

A workplace romance is a bad idea—they rarely work out.
And Grant doesn’t break the rules. Especially with so much on the line.
He needs Celeste’s help to connect with his younger siblings, though,
and she needs moral support to face her estranged father again. The more
they work together outside the office, the blurrier the lines become.
When Celeste finds out she’s been living a lie, and Grant’s younger
sister goes missing, their relationship is put to the test.

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ISBN: 9781955507004

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