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Unchecked: A Steamy Love Triangle Medical Romance

By Carina Alyce

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Hello, my name is Stella, and I am addicted to terrible romantic decisions.
In fact, don't come closer. I might be contagious.

Dr. Stella Magi has never been one for half measures. Despite drinking her way through residency, she's sober now and a successful surgeon. Still, she has cravings for that high, and MetroGen is full of eligible bachelors who can meet her needs.

Juggling three guys is harder than she thought, and she's gonna have to narrow it down soon. Should she pick Marcus Doyle, the playboy of the ER, Alex Casserty, the sensitive and cerebral neurosurgeon, or Joel Glazier, her super macho friend with benefits?

Or she could just choose herself – right before all hell breaks lose.

WARNING - this book ends on a jaw-dropping, unforgivable cliffhanger and violates every romance rule you know. If this is not for you, keep scrolling. However, everyone else, I promise red-hot M/F sex as Dr. Stella tries out every flavor in the sexy doctor ice cream store.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Carina Alyce