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The Christmas Bet

By Lynn Rhys

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This is my favorite time of year. The holiday season is upon us, and I can’t wait to celebrate it. After a recent breakup with yet another guy that I just couldn’t see my forever with, I plan on just focusing on getting though the holiday with those around me.

Well that was the plan, until a cocky yet very handsome man came into the picture.

Conner is arrogant and pushy. He cornered me into a date with him, even convincing my best friend, Lacy, that it was a good idea.

But behind his very egotistical attitude, is actually a very sweet guy. There’s something different about him. Something I didn’t see in the other men I dated, a future.

Could Conner be my forever? Is he ‘the one’?


Some call me a bachelor, and some call me a playboy, but really, my life is just too complicated to be tied down. Then I walked into the bar and saw her sitting there. The beautiful blonde captivated me. But I don’t do relationships and I don’t fall in love. I’d never be able to give her the attention she’d deserve. I’m not the settling down type.

Well, until my friends bet me that I couldn’t get a woman to fall in love with me before Christmas. Of course, I had to prove them wrong.

So now I have to get her to fall in love with me—and never find out about the bet.

The Christmas Bet is a holiday romance novella with some adult situations. Reader discretion is advised.


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Book Length: 60-150 Pages