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Margo & George Christmas

By Stephanie Queen

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A funny thing happens when you can't forget a man...
Margo thought she was dreaming when she found George's boots under her bed.
Especially after their tragic, almost Romeo & Juliet-esque split up three years ago.
But was it a good dream or a bad dream?
And what would her new, close-to-proposing boyfriend have to say about it?

This is just the beginning for this dynamic romantic duo. They may have more romantic ups and downs than a barometer but that doesn't stop them from playing one of their favorite games: Matchmaking!
With their wide circle of friends all over the map, they have plenty of daring matchmaking games to play. It's all fun--and they may even be good at it.
Find out by following the stories on https://www.facebook.com/MargoAndGeoerge/.


Book Length: 60-150 Pages