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New Beginnings

By Lydia Hall

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Me? A scholarship girl. 

Him? A Harvard graduate, trust fund guy. 


Me? Looking for a fresh start. 

Him? Mr. CEO of a huge company. 


Should I say... complete opposites?

I think that would be appropriate. 

And a good thing, considering my past. 


You see... 

I tend to attract a-holes. 

In all pretty shapes and sizes but a-holes, nonetheless. 

I credit that to my uncontrollable natural curves.

My ex, for instance, was a stalker. 

He violated my boundaries and left me feeling... 

Well, you get the point. 


I moved to the glitz and glam of Manhattan after that whole ordeal. 

A fresh beginning was what I wanted. 

But instead, I run into my new boss... 

Aka my Mr. Opposite. 

Also, the guy I graduated with. 

And turns out, the guy that harbored a secret crush on me. 


But there was no way we could be that different and find the same path in life, right?

Or could we?

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