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April Melodty

By Katie Mettner

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April Melody loved her job as bookkeeper and hostess of Kiss’s Café in Snowberry, Minnesota. What she didn’t love was having to hide who she was on the inside, because of what people saw on the outside. April may not be able to hear them, but she could read the lies on their lips.

Martin Crow owns Crow’s Hair and Nails, an upscale salon in the middle of bustling Snowberry. Crow hid from the world in the tiny town, and focused on helping women find their inner goddess. What he wasn’t expecting to find was one of Snowberry’s goddesses standing outside his apartment door.

Drawn together by their love of music, April and Crow discover guilt and hatred will steal their future. Together they learn to let love and forgiveness be the melody and harmony in their hearts.
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages