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Rogar (Lunar Uprising Book 2)

By Cyndi Friberg

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Marisol doesn’t want a mate. Can Rogar keep her alive long enough to change her mind?

by the prospect of a new job, Marisol doesn’t even make it to the moon
before her shuttle is attacked by the Morax. A terrifying explosion
shatters reality then she wakes up in the arms of Rogar, one of the
lunar raiders. Marisol is determined to stay focused on work, so why
can’t she stop thinking, and dreaming, about her handsome rescuer.

is furious when a shuttle flies right into the middle of one of his
missions. Then he realizes his mate, Marisol is onboard. Shaken by the
near disaster, he refuses to let her out of his sight. He wants to give
her time to explore her new environment before he tells her they are
mates, but escalating danger and their intense attraction mock his good
intentions at every turn.

Note to Readers: This book contains detailed descriptions of sizzling passion only suitable for mature readers.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages