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Trail of Injustice: A forbidden love historical western romance novella (Western Trails Series Book 1)

By Heidi Vanlandingham

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She fights to keep her home. He wants a home of his own. They come from two different cultures, but will their love survive the coming war?

Water Lily loves working her parent’s Georgia farm, but she is troubled by the incoming settlers as they move west, stealing what has been under the Cherokee’s care for centuries.

Anxious for land and a family, Italian-born Jerrod Santini stumbles into the middle of a plot by local white settlers to get rid of the Cherokee and take their silver and gems for themselves.

United in their quest to stop them, Jerrod and Water Lily find themselves falling in love, a joining that could bring the two opposing sides together or the catalyst that starts a war.

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ISBN: 1728915821

Book Length: 60-150 Pages

Heidi Vanlandingham