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Always You

By Stephanie Rose

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Ten years ago, Lucas Hunter was everything to me—but I never got to tell him.

Not that it would have mattered. To him, I was like a little sister he looked out for, not a woman he wanted. I settled for a passionless existence that turned into a miserable life.

But I had more than only myself to consider, so I learned to make the best of things and leave the romantic fantasies in the past where they belong.

Until the one day the past came back and asked me to have a drink for old times’ sake.

But in the here and now, things are different. Friendship is all I have to offer, no matter how much heat is reflected in his gaze, or that our friendly touches linger a little too long.

There’s a sad irony in finally getting what you’ve always wanted when you’re not free to take it.

When I saw Sam again after so many years, she wasn’t the same girl I’d always felt compelled to look out for. She was a gorgeous woman with sad and tired eyes and all I wanted was to make it better. When I find myself unable to stay away, I realize I want her.

She’s not free to be mine, but when fate gives you a second chance, you grab it with both hands.

Why did it take so long to realize that it was Always You?

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