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Big Mac (The Fairies Saga Book 13)

By Dani Haviland

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Big Mac, a mixed-race third-generation time traveler, comes back from the future to 2015 to see if he can find his no-good Viking sire and stop him from releasing the virus that caused the 2019 Pandemic. What he finds is that he arrived a little too early and may have ruined the timeline continuum by interacting with his grandparents.
Then there’s the complication of the post-Civil War slave who happens to show up next to the old family manse.
What is he to do with her?
Take a fantasy trip to a few years in the past when people could shake hands and interact without facemasks or fear of infection.
A clean romantic mystery/fantasy, great for any age.
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Book Length: 60-150 Pages

Dani Haviland