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Let It Snow: Beachcomber Investigations Series Novella

By Stephanie Queen

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Special Ops legend Dane Blaise needs help.

His life of righting horrific wrongs has cost him a very high price. It cost his mother's life when his long-time enemy murdered her. Now he needs Shana to wrestle him from his soul-crushing despair. 

But Shana, his partner and lover, fails to move him from his misery, and she wonders if she should leave him, leave the island of Martha's Vineyard before she's dragged into hell with Dane.
On Christmas Eve when a mysterious Padre shows up, sent by an old friend, she is convinced to go. In spite of a treacherous snowstorm, Shana leaves with the padre on the last ferry off the island.

The storm is the ultimate test for Dane when he learns the ferry is in danger, and he could lose Shana for good.

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Stephanie Queen