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An Agreement with the Soldier

By Sadie Bosque

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 A Broken Soldier...

John Godfrey, the Baron of Ashbury, has spent most of his life as a soldier. He was never meant to become a baron. But circumstances have changed and now that he’s back home, he has to face another battle - saving his failing estates. The solution to his problems is easy. He needs to marry an heiress. His feelings toward his fiancee’s best friend, however, are extremely complicated. He should marry the lady of his heart. But can a beautiful, clever and free-spirited lady truly love the broken shell of a man he’s become?

And His Feisty Lady Angel...
Miss Samantha Lewis has never been in love. Now it’s just her luck to find herself falling for her best friend’s fiance! John Godfrey is everything she never knew she needed - a strong and brave protector, used to caring for those around him. But war changes even the best of men, and when Samantha and John are finally wed, her husband turns from a perfect gentleman to an angry beast.

Samantha is determined to build her heaven on Earth with her husband. John is afraid it’s not enough to pull him out of the hellish nightmares of war.

This work of fiction contains adult content, strong language, violence, off page death, bullying, nightmares and other.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages