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Long Past Dawn: The Cowboys of Bison Ridge

By Katie Mettner

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Texas cowboy Beau Hanson has lived a life filled with loss, pain, and regret, but he could always count on his brother, Blaze, to anchor him. Now, things are changing at Bison Ridge, and Beau doesn’t know where he belongs.

Dawn Briar Lee is in trouble. She has more balls in the air than she has hands, and the pain in them isn’t helping. Running Heavenly Lane alone is overwhelming, but she’s afraid to risk her home and family by asking for help.

Beau and Dawn find solace with each other as they struggle to accept their new reality, but when Beau’s past returns to Wisconsin, Dawn has to ask herself one question. Can she live with his ghosts or will they steal her future forever?

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages