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Switching Gears: Choosing Providence - Book 2

By Jill Burrell

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Scott Wheeler enjoys working with his hands. If it wasn't for the paperwork, being a mechanic at Knight's Repair Shop would be the perfect job for someone like him; someone with dyslexia. But he wants more. A shop of his own only means more paperwork though.

Kennedy Macgregor's life is right on track. That is until her father passes away unexpectedly, and everything she's based her dreams on vanishes into thin air, including a seven-year relationship. Needing a fresh start while she reevaluates her life, she takes a job as a mechanic in a small town called Providence.

Scott doesn't consider himself a male chauvinist, but he can't work with Kennedy. For one, women don't belong in garages, and two, she's much too distracting. Accidents happen when people get distracted, and he can't let that happen again.

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Jill Burrell