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A Bride’s Love And Her Daughter’s Hope: Western Historical Romance

By Florence Linnington

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Harriet is running for her life, and she is fleeing with her daughter, to the Old West.

Harriet’s unfaithful husband dies, her wealthy mother-in-law threatens
to take her child Alyssa away. Harriet is pushed to make a snap decision
and flees out west with Alyssa.

As the mother and daughter duo
head into uncertainty, Harriet is prepared to gamble on another
uncertainty – seeking a matchmaking agency to help her marry a stranger
and learn how to live in the wild west.

Bounty hunter Collin
Crawford is a man who needs nothing and no one. While he tries to
convince himself that he is merely returning criminals to face justice,
his faith in the work is beginning to waver.

When the beautiful
Harriet steps into Collin’s path, everything he believes begins to be
tested. And, when he realizes that his next job points to none other
than Harriet and little Alyssa, the bounty hunter must face a terrifying
decision: will he bring Alyssa back to her grandmother, or will he give
up everything he’s ever known to fight for the woman who has stolen his

Even if Collin chooses love, he knows Harriet and Alyssa
are still being tracked by other bounty hunters – those who would do
anything to win the enormous reward that Alyssa’s grandmother has placed
on her head. Even if it means cutting down anything and anyone that
stands in their path.

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