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RISKING FOREVER: Vol 1 (The Forever Series): Friends-to-Lovers College Romance

By Tara Gallina

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Is it wrong to want what you can't have?

I don’t take risks. I can’t afford to. Yet, here I am, desperate for a job with the college senior surrounded by mafia rumors.

Sebastian Gianni is my best friend’s ongoing obsession. She wants him. And what Harper wants, Harper gets.

I just want to get out of this town and transfer to a university far away, where I can follow my own dreams and not the ones planned for me.

Sebastian is the financial key, but slowly he’s becoming more. A friend, a mystery, a temptation.

I want to know his secrets and soothe the sadness I sense beneath his cool facade. I want 
him, even though I shouldn't. And sometimes, I think he wants me, too.

Risking Forever is part 1 in The Forever Series serial romance following Ainsley and Sebastian.
The story continues in Daring Forever and concludes in Claiming Forever, both available now.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Tara Gallina