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Wild Country Hearts: Peter & Kristina's Full Book (Wild Romance 4)

By Constance Ruth Clark

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The Country Girl who Tamed the Country Star.
Kristina is content hiding from the world after her mother's death a year ago. Then Peter rocks her world off its axis when he crashes his sports car into her fence during a snowstorm. He claims to be the lead singer of a famous country band, and she's sure he's delusional. When the storm ends, she sends him out of her life for good. She's got a world class horse stable to run.

The screaming crowds have never made him feel more lonely, and Peter can't forget the feisty brunette who brought his head out of the clouds. She didn't know who he was and didn't care, which only makes him crave her more. When he learns she's in danger, he drops everything to return and protect her.

Now, they need to figure out who killed her mom and stop them before Kristina is next.

Follow this suspenseful and steamy romance as Peter and Kristina navigate their relationship and learn to trust in love.

This is thecomplete story of Kristina & Peter, books 1-3 of Wild Romance Series and contains bonus scenes.

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Constance Ruth Clark