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Rediscovering the Stars With Grace

By Marie Silva

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A fantastical tale of romantic love and the gentle healing of broken spirits in a small seaside town.

Everyone was concerned about the welfare of Millie, a young grieving child. Grace, her best friend, entered her life after the death of her father to give her comfort and joy after being sad for a long time. Millie doesn’t understand why everyone suddenly wanted to meet Grace and to her delight, her best friend reveals herself to everyone. 

The decision to manifest herself in a human form was necessary for Grace, so she can complete her mission. The payoff is to finally transition to the next life she is destined to lead. Her actions were to simply help her young charge heal from a great loss, but suddenly she is playing a part in not one but two love stories. 

Grace needs to help Millie’s mother, Ana, a young woman who deeply cares for her daughter’s well-being. She saw that Ana is carefully living her life after a tragic accident took the life of her beloved husband. Grace had a feeling that Ana is not looking to fall in love again, but new love always finds a way to blossom and it does with Millie’s guidance counselor.

The other love story is Grace’s own. She is drawn to Millie’s neighbor, a man named Ethan, who was looking to quietly live his life in a new town. He is like no one like she has ever met and she becomes enthralled with him. It was clear that he, like her, could not resist the pull to one another. Her choice to simply love him upends his quiet and orderly life and affects her mission in the most surprising way.

Somehow, Grace has to fulfill her mission by helping Millie, Ana and Ethan see the bright stars in their own night skies.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Marie Silva