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Celete's Valentine

By Marie Silva

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One missing Valentine's Day card reconnects two lonely souls for love.

Growing up in a chaotic home environment, Celeste Edwards had one bright spot as a lonely teenager, a puppy dog crush, to whom she sent a friendly thank you card, but was met with silence. Ten years later, now settled down as a well known artist in Sedona, the man who was her teenage crush shows up at one of her exhibitions. His revelation leads her to explore a friendship with him while dealing with a lustful attraction to him that begins to consume her.

The life of a soon to be divorced man was not the life that Cyrus Walsh envisioned for himself, but that is what he was dealing with as his new reality. It was pure luck that he found a lost Valentine’s Day card from a young woman he mentored as a teenager that compels him to fly cross country to apologize for the unintentional oversight. The moment that he sees her again unlocks a erotic temptation that overshadows the friendly connection he desires to keep with her, before he can live freely his life again.

A friendship starting off on sexual lust transcends into a loving relationship that will require a choice in love.

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Marie Silva