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A Simple Infatuation

By Marie Silva

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A plan to deceive leads to a weekend of passionate romance.

Living an orderly life as a bachelor, Everett Grantham had never found true love. He made a fateful visit to a coffee shop and met a woman that became his ultimate infatuation. Before he can fully connect to her, he has to attend a family wedding that is more of a painful event than a joyful one, because it is another opportunity for his family to put him under the microscope. Not this time as he plans to bring a date and he had the perfect person in mind. Life throws him a curve ball in his carefully constructed plan that gives him the opportunity to enjoy unbridled passion for the first time ever.

The carefully constructed world of Amelie Millet is changed after an attractive older man walks into the coffee shop that is her place of sanctuary. She is working towards her college degree as a means of escape from her marriage minded parents, who have traditional beliefs that constantly conflict with her own. Her life is focused primarily on her studies and handing her lust filled attraction to her coffee mate. After he blows her off for another woman, she moves on with her life, but is soon drawn back to him leading her into a sexually charged affair.

Their simple infatuation transcends to a deep intimate relationship of liberating love for one another.
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Marie Silva