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Aye, I am a Fairy (The Fairies Saga Book 4)

By Dani Haviland

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Time travel can't be real...can it?
There had to be another explanation.
Leah's mother had disappeared a year ago, then suddenly reappeared looking forty years younger. She vanished again, but this time, left behind her solar-powered smartphone.
Was Leah brave enough to look for clues on it?
And where had Mom disappeared to?
Then there was the strange call from a Lord James Melbourne who claimed to have vital information. An internet search showed he was both rich and a hottie. He seemed sweet and generous, but could she trust him?
James Melbourne grows out of his insecurities and overcomes his susceptibilities to manipulative blondes (as detailed in LOST: The Time Travel Romance That Started It All) in this action-filled epic that starts in the twenty-first century then bursts into 1783 after a well-planned rescue mission to interact with the 'fictional' characters of the time travel romance, LOST.

A spunky time travel mystery sprinkled with romance and intrigue and peppered with sarcasm and irony, a delectable blend to savor, day or night, weekday or holiday.

If you love sagas, try this one.
**Note: The books in The Fairies Saga are numbered for historical sequence only. Each is a stand-alone story. If you decide you want to know more about a character: where they came from or where they eventually wound up, check out your book's number and go from there! Much like the Star Wars movies.
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ASIN: B0073XIC66

Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Dani Haviland