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Tangling with the Cowboy (Country Road Cowboys #2)

By Audrey Bell

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They were supposed to remain strictly professional. But he can't get enough of her fire...
Now that Shane Pickett's horse trainer has retired, there are plenty of ranch hands knocking at his door to fill the available position. But one woman stands out above the rest, and it's not just because she knows her way around a horse. She's a gorgeous spitfire and Shane would be a fool to let her slip through his fingers just because of his damn pride.

Wynonna O'Neil is no stranger to creatures with bad tempers so she doesn't bat an eye at Shane's grumpiness. He can scowl and stomp around all he wants to. It was clear he had a soft spot for her and she was going to wear him down eventually.

When Shane and Wynonna butt heads, sparks fly and the tension ramps up. Someone has to break. And Wynonna is dead set on melting Shane's cold, cold heart.

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Audrey Bell