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Love is Worth Fighting for (The Meraki Series Book 3)

By Effie Kammenou

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The third installment of The Meraki Series:

All Krystina wants is to travel to beautiful locations, promote her blog, and achieve Insta fame. But with Loukas, her pesky frenemy from childhood, in toe, she hardly has time to breathe. If only he would leave her alone! But when the unforeseen strikes, forcing her to face challenging situations she never thought possible, it’s Loukas that helps her through it all.

 And then there’s the search her sisters began to find out what happened to her missing grandfather¾the man her grandmother has pinned all her faith on, believing he will one day return to her. Krystina is determined to find and bring him home, even through the most challenging of times. This quest will test everything she has come to know. But she may learn that through it all, when everything else crumbles around you, love is worth fighting for.

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ISBN: 13: 978-0-578-28251

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages