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Baby Makes Three (Spicy Office Secrets)

By Lydia Hall

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There are some bad decisions, and then there are some really bad decisions. 

Jared, my brother’s best friend, falls in the latter category. 

He had me obsessed from the very first moment I laid my eyes on him as a teenager. 

Of course, I knew he was older. 

I also knew that he was Steven’s business partner. 

They say love is blind, and now I personally know it to be true. 

Steven has told me things about Jared that I didn’t want to believe. 

His playboy lifestyle being one of those things. 

Jared hurts my heart. 

But he also makes it beat for him. 

And now, I’ve got another heartbeat to worry about. 

I’m pregnant and I’m hiding the news from him. 

Yes, I might be living a nightmare, one that neither of us could survive… 


Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Lydia Hall