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Break Free: The O'Brians, Book Two

By Jude McLean

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Escape to breathtaking Ireland in a story of passion, mystery, and suspense.

She will fight to protect her heart.

Stunning as a sunrise, Sondra Keane enchants men everywhere she goes. Fiercely independent, she has everything she needs: her own clothing shop, her best friend, Darcie, and a penchant for life that radiates from her every move. But underneath her vibrant exterior, a darkness shadows her heart. She trusts no one, especially herself.

He will fight to protect her.

Simon O’Brian loves the ladies and was perfectly happy with Miss Right Now - until Sondra. Sassy and intelligent, this firecracker is clear about what she wants - and he is more than happy to give it to her. Except this time, she ignites more than a passion in his blood, and he finds himself wanting nothing less than her heart.

But something sinister is coming.

When Darcie’s deadly family threatens her newfound happiness, Sondra gets caught in the onslaught. With her world on fire, Simon needs her to trust him now more than ever, and Sondra must choose between holding on to her past or accepting that sometimes opening your heart and risking it all is the only path to being saved.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages