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A Season to Give

By Rebecca Heflin

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Resistance may be futile, but surrender would be scandalous.

Sophie Jordan wears her sophistication like she was born to it—which couldn't be further from the truth. But she’d worked hard to shake off the coal dust of her impoverished upbringing and now holds a lucrative position as a private secretary. Trouble is, she’s in love . . . with her boss . . . who also happens to be a royal prince. In her profession, falling in love with one’s boss is a no-no. Even worse, falling in love with a royal prince is a recipe for a very public heartbreak.

His Royal Highness, Prince Adrian Henri Alexandre Xavier Duvernay of Montagneux has lost his throne as a result of his father’s reckless actions. Now self-exiled in the U.S., he is trying to make his way in this new life that has been thrust upon him. Even so, he can’t simply shed his royal identity like an overcoat. As if that wasn’t enough, Prince Adrian is also in love . . . with his private secretary. But after his father’s explosive international scandal, he has vowed to himself and to his family there will be no more scandals—scandals like a relationship with his private secretary would create.

When the two find themselves trapped alone together on Christmas Eve, Prince Adrian must resist the temptation that is Sophie Jordan—because giving in means risking scandal and following in his father’s disgraced footsteps.

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Book Length: 60-150 Pages

Rebecca Heflin