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Poppet Nicole: A Tale Of Clashing Wills (Moragh's Ghost Book 3)

By Maggie Tideswell

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Nicole was a bad girl.
And she seemed to have met her match.
After everything she has done lately, at first she saw Ned's 'challenge' as a reprieve, but little did she know how hard it was going to be.
Pregnant, in a strange country where she didn't even understand the language - even when they spoke English - she couldn't even resort to her vises to help her through, because he had forbidden most of them - no wine, no smoking, no intimacy.
She tried, she really did, but she couldn't change who she was. And everyone seemed to be against her, or spying on her.
Because she loved Ned, she wanted to please him, yet everything she did seemed to get her into trouble with him.
Why couldn't he love her as she was, without trying to change her into what she wasn't?

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Maggie Tideswell