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Curse Breaker: A Shocking Murder Mystery Paranormal Thriller (Red-Line: The Fletcher Family Saga Book 1)

By J. T. Bishop

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Grayson Steele has a curse. The women he loves are dying.
And he can’t stop it.

Gillian Fletcher has a plan. Catch the killer who’s making
Grayson Steele’s life a living hell. But she has to be the bait.

As Grayson and Gillian’s plan takes shape, they’ll face not
just a killer but also their attraction for each other. Both will lead to shocking
revelations and hidden truths that neither are prepared to face. Truths that
will change their future forever.

A mystery thriller that includes a heart-stopping romance and a
touch of supernatural suspense and light sci-fi, Curse Breaker is a book
you won’t soon forget.


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Book Length: 320-650 Pages