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By Gladys Cross

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Never fall for the man you were sent to destroy.


The largest drug lord in Mexico sold me his daughter.

He has an endgame in mind and it’s only a matter of time before his princess gives it away.

Until then, I’ll play along, using her for my own purposes.

Only this kitty has claws.

She’s cunning, determined, passionate, and driving me to the edge of madness.

Thoughts of keeping her swirl in my head, but she can never be mine.

Our time together is approaching its expiration date.

The problem is, despite knowing about her potential involvement, I’m not sure I can give her up.


Papa wants me to spy on the president of The Devil’s Deviants MC. 

What choice do I have?

None if I want to live.

Cartel princesses are for show, not meant to be savvy and ruthless.

Only Ryder sees beyond my ice queen exterior, reveling in my fiery temper. 

Where most men avoid or punish, he begs for more.

He makes me want to burn it all down.

To become Defiant.

*This is a dark, contemporary, MC romance. The Devil’s Deviants series features gangs, violence, dark romance, and possessive themes. Each book can be read independently and contains no cliffhangers.

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ISBN: 979-8366045490

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Gladys Cross