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The Chosen Heir: A Steamy Mafia Romance

By Monique Moreau

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A war is brewing between love and
duty…which shall triumph?

I am Alexandru, the chosen one.
The ruler of the Lupu clan.

I strive to follow in my father's footsteps. I strive
to be the perfect head of the family, the perfect son and brother, the
perfect... man. In this dog-eat-dog mafia world, a single mistake could end in

After years of conflict with a rival family, my little
sister is contracted to marry their son and bring peace. But when the bride
runs away and threatens the truce, I need to convince her best friend, Nina, to
help me track her down.

Arranged marriages are common in my world and doing my
duty has never been a problem.

Until now.

She’s an outsider. She’s forbidden. But she’s the only
woman I want. 

As our chemistry heats up, a soldier's irreparable
mistake starts a war that can only be stopped with the ultimate sacrifice.
Myself. Marrying your own kind is the primal rule that reigns over my world,
but as I uncover secrets, I learn my perfect father may not have been so
perfect after all...


Content Notes:

The Chosen Heir
is a standalone novel. It's the first installment in The Lupu Family Mafia
Romance Series – a forbidden, best friend’s older brother romance. Alex is an
over-the-top, possessive anti-hero. Please do not read if such material

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Monique Moreau