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Dammi Mille Baci (Give Me a thousand Kisses) Vienna Calling Book 1

By Hyunah KIM

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Give it a thousand Kisses… A story of a mysterious, beautiful young artist painter that I met in Vienna long time ago. As he led me to discover Vienna with its rich culture and art, in the beautiful set of European capital, and how it had positively changed and influenced my life. As an artist, he portrays human weaknesses and frailties. As his sufferings related to his veiled childhood prevented him from getting close to me, I found myself in turmoil of desperation…would he ever open himself up to me? What is art? How does one become an artist? In the midst of unanswered questions, I discovered the thief who stole Axel’s  painting was right under my nose, living in my flat. And I decided to take justice into my own hands. Would I retrieve his painting? Would Axel accept my heart? Would he ever kiss me?


Book Length: 150-320 Pages