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The Necklace III: London, July 1967

By Linda S Rice

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Susan’s second time-travel adventure into the past to retrieve her silver ballerina necklace form James, a member of the most famous band of all time, ended in disaster. (The Necklace II – Back to Brighton, November 1962) Instead of trying to get the necklace back, which would have broken the link between them, she was once again swept into another affair, this one more stormy and full of passion than the first. When James falls even more deeply in love with her and proposes marriage, Susan is so stunned and taken aback, that James realizes her duplicity and his heart is crushed to pieces. Susan does manage to finally retrieve her necklace, believing the tie between them has been severed for good…that is, until she discovers her attorney husband, Donald, is having an affair with his new paralegal.
Devastated by the thought of an affair, after having been married to Donald for almost 45 years, Susan begins toying with her necklace once again, and as she does so, memories and unbidden thoughts of James begin to invade both her heart and mind. Dare she return to the past to be with James once more? Will he hate her for what she did to him when he proposed marriage to her? Or, will they be able to start fresh and renew their love once more?
Would it even…dare she think it? …be possible to stay in the past with him, to change history even…


Book Length: 320-650 Pages