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A Friendly Wager

By Ajme Williams

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My next-door neighbor is wifey material. 
Calm down... I’m not proposing to her. 

A fake engagement will do for now. 
My mother won’t get off my back. 
As a star hockey player love isn’t on the cards for me. 
Not now, not ever. 

I had a one-night stand with Ruby a decade ago.
But that shouldn’t come in the way of our ruse. 

I doubt she misses the way I made her shake when I took her v-card. 

A friendly wager has put her in my debt. 
She owes me this favor, and I owe her the truth: 
I will never fall for her. 

I have it all planned out perfectly until I discover a 10-year-old secret that has never been in my plans...


Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Ajme Williams