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The Billionaire Doctor: Love Calls

By Lavender Skye

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Miami Beach, passions run high and secrets run deep.


In this
sun-kissed paradise, a forbidden attraction ignites between billionaire Dr.
Robin Moore and the seductive Olivia. Their fiery one-night stand leads to a
secret love affair, and a surprise son named Quinn. But their fairy tale
romance is threatened when Olivia's true connection to Robin is revealed: she's
best friends with his daughter, Kierra.


As they
struggle to navigate this taboo relationship, Robin and Olivia must face the
consequences of their passions. Amid their thriving careers and businesses, as
a dangerous blackmailer from Robin's past resurfaces, threatening to expose
their forbidden love and destroy their family. With his daughter's life on the
line, Robin must choose between keeping his dark secrets hidden or revealing
the truth to the only woman he's ever loved.


the past comes back to haunt them, will their love survive?

As betrayal
and blackmail threaten to tear them apart.


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Book Length: 0-60 Pages

Lavender Skye