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The Heathen Brotherhood: Conflict of Devotion

By Christine Roberts

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After an antiterrorism mission gone wrong, John Galloway—known as Preacher by his ragtag team of US Army special forces soldiers called the Heathen Brotherhood—is forced to return home to recover. While visiting a local pub, he unexpectedly runs into his childhood sweetheart, Andie Simmons. Although they haven’t seen each other since high school, an old flame is rekindled and their friendship quickly grows into a passionate romance.

Torn between seeking revenge on the notorious terrorist who killed his fallen brothers and pursuing the deep connection he shares with Andie, Preacher must decide his path before he returns to service. While he wrestles with his duty as a soldier and his desire for love, a lethal new threat lurks in their quiet beachside town. A price has been put on Preacher’s head, and a deadly assassin is on the hunt, putting Preacher and everyone around him in danger.

With the remaining members of his team at his side, his only mission now is to protect the ones he loves and to eliminate the enemy. But Preacher faces an impossible choice. Will he follow his heart and devote himself to Andie, or will he return to the battlefield as the leader of the Heathen Brotherhood to fulfill the promise he made to his men and his country?

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ASIN: B094P44C95

Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Christine Roberts