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Team Mom

By Delaney Cameron

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When Julie signs her nephew up for baseball, she's not expecting his coach to be someone famous. Still less does she expect to fall in love with him. 

Julie Evans is thrown a curve ball when her brother arrives the night before his seven-month deployment asking her to take care of his son Jordan. As a preschool teacher, she’s used to dealing with toddlers, not nine-year-olds. Noting her nephew’s interest in baseball, she signs him up for little league. She’s anything but thrilled to find out his coach is a celebrity.

Eric Gibson returned to Georgia to lick his wounds and start over. But even in his hometown, he’s known more for his unfortunate appearance on a reality dating show than for his seven years in the major leagues. All he has to show for that poor decision is an ex-wife and a broken heart.

Julie’s obvious disapproval makes her the perfect choice for his team mom. If she doesn’t like him, she won’t cause any problems. But will that be enough to keep his growing interest in her in check? And as Julie’s preconceived notions about sports figures slowly unravel, will she be able to resist the man behind the public persona?

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Delaney Cameron