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Keys to the Last Resort

By Licia Rester

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“Licia Rester takes you on a journey that feels like an engaging, provocative love story at the beginning but somehow expands into a bigger experience of the divine nature of love itself. Be ready to lose yourself in sweet surrender.”
~ Steve Chandler, author of Time Warrior

“...a compelling page-turner that’s also personally empowering and transformational… It’s not just a book, it’s an experience!”
~ Cindy Lou Golin, PhD, transformation coach and author of The Shadow Playbook

Sylvia's marriage is in need of a miracle. Despite her fond memories of newlywed bliss, now she and her husband, Carl, can barely stand a dinner alone together. When he suggests a surprise getaway to celebrate their 25th anniversary, Sylvia knows it’s their last chance. The trip will either repair their marriage… or finally end it.

But when they arrive at the Magdalene Inn, Sylvia is swept up in a world of storybook romance, learning lessons in love from Romeo & Juliet and other famous couples. There's just one missing element—Carl. He's vanished into The Between. To rescue him, Sylvia must not only repair their relationship. She must confront the broken pieces of her own heart.

Is your relationship in need of a refresh? Do you wonder how to reclaim a deeper connection with your partner? Then join Sylvia in her quest to save Carl, her marriage—and herself.

Keys to the Last Resort is not merely a romance to read. It is an invitation to unlock the magic in your own relationship. The keys to transformation, in love and in life, are waiting for you at the Magdalene Inn. Are you ready?
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Licia Rester