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Remembering her Baronet

By Olene Quinn

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London 1793. Anne Strait awakes in the apartment of Fredrick Kambray, the British major responsible for hanging her rebel father. Suffering a head injury and finding herself inexplicably pregnant, Anne can only imagine what he has done to her.

For three days after her fall from a slick carriage step, Fredrick feared his beloved wife, Anne, would perish along with their unborn child. When she wakes, he finds that he has lost her in a way he could never imagine. The last ten years of Anne’s memory is gone along with any recollection of their marriage. She believes he is a monster and is determined to escape before the birth of his heir.

Just when Anne discovers that her heart does not agree with her head and that their pasts are as intimately entwined as she secretly desires their bodies to be, a new enemy appears using blackmail to settle an old score. With questions and accusations regarding Fredrick’s military service swirling, the only way to save him from the noose is to believe his word above even her own hazy memories. Which leaves one question:

Can Anne fall in love with her enemy twice?
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Olene Quinn