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Somebody Like You

By Carrie Elks

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He’s rich, talented and way out of her league. Now he’s making her an offer she can’t refuse…

Football has always been Cam Hartson’s life. When he's forced to retire following an injury, he slinks back to his small home town, planning to lie low and lick his wounds.

Until he meets Mia Devlin.

The beautiful single mom of two tearaway boys has no interest in love. She's too busy trying to find a job and keep a roof over her family’s heads to worry about relationships.

Even if every time Cam looks at her it sends her heart into a spin.

She knows she shouldn’t like him. He’s too ambitious, too confident, too much of everything.

But when he offers to be her rebound guy, she finds herself agreeing.

Cam wants more than just a few stolen moments. And if there’s one thing he likes it’s a challenge. There hasn’t been one he hasn’t risen to before.

As far as he’s concerned, Mia won’t be the one that gets away…


Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Carrie Elks