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Two Scandals and a Scot (The Duchess Society Book 5)

By Tracy Sumner

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Scandal number one. A runaway bride.

Scandal number two. The kiss.

When Theodosia Astley’s shocking engagement ball sets society ablaze, she finds herself in need of a hero. Can she help it if her savior comes in the form of her intrepid former student, Dash Campbell, a captivating gambler with a heart of gold?

The carriage was empty. And parked in her brother’s drive. She had no idea it was his.

With a bookish wallflower’s assistance, Scottish ruffian Dash wrote a novel that made him famous. When he finds himself presented with the opportunity to pay his erstwhile teacher back, how can he refuse? Even if Theo’s sharp wit fearfully fascinates him. It’s a dangerous wager for a Scottish gutter rat to think of falling for the sheltered sister of a duke.

When Dash proposes marriage to salvage her reputation, Theo suggests her own twist on the age-old agreement. They marry—but remain friends who do not fall in love.

What could go wrong?

Set against a backdrop of faithful wagers and sizzling desire, Two Scandals and a Scot is a thrilling tale of forbidden romance, with affection and passion pitted against societal expectations and personal demons. Follow Dash and Theo as they navigate their way through the high stakes world of love as they discover whether theirs can withstand the tests of time and circumstance.

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Tracy Sumner