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Mysteries of an Earl's Daughter

By Samantha Holt

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Lady Clementine Musgrave had no intention of getting roped into her cousins’ investigative society. But that doesn’t mean she can let the mystery of the sighting of a dead man go unsolved. The fact that the man just happens to be the uncle of her greatest enemy, the loathsome (and unfairly handsome) man who helped get her family cut from society, only makes the intrigue more delicious…

The Marquis of Rochdale doesn’t have time for ghost stories. Roman’s focus needs to remain on protecting his title and arranging an advantageous marriage, not on helping Clementine solve a supposed mystery. They’re complete opposites, she hates him, and she’s entirely unsuitable. But for some reason, that all slips his mind when she’s in his arms…
He can’t afford a scandal. Her life is nothing but scandalous. Can Clementine and Roman find a way to overcome their differences and carve out a path to happily ever after? Possibly. But first, they’ll have to figure out why a dead man is wandering the streets of Bath…

Opposites attract in this steamy enemies to lovers Regency story. If you loved the Duke's daughters, you'll adore their cousins, the scandalous Musgraves!


Book Length: 320-650 Pages


Samantha Holt