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The Blood Game

By Carla Winters

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They intended to punish me. But their protective natures wanted so much more.

It was supposed to be an easy job. My last heist for the Crescent Coven that would finally release me from their service. But they neglected to tell me I was stealing from The House of Shadows. And from the most ruthless vampire in the city.

Caught by Roman’s crew, I am terrified that I traded one lifelong debt for another. Between the arrogant wolf, the mysterious dragon, and the irritating fae assassin, the men of The House of Shadows have monsters brewing inside. They’re ruthless, frustrated, and angry that Roman dragged me into their world.

They seem to hate me, and despite the intense attraction, I don’t trust myself around them. After all, I have a deadly secret of my own. But when my life is threatened and the truth is revealed, the monsters must choose to return me to the coven or become my protectors forever.

The Blood Game is the first book in a steamy, medium-burn paranormal reverse harem romance series featuring dark secrets, wicked magic, and dangerous mates. For mature readers only.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages