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Soul of Sin and Corruption

By S.R. Jones

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From USA Today Bestselling Authors SR Jones and Silla Webb comes a twisted Dark Mafia, Fractured Fairy Tale, Age Gap Romance prequel filled with sin and corruption.


They raised me to be a good Catholic boy but then filled my soul with sin.
I’m the devil’s plaything now.
Yet my sins are threatening to bring down our family empire.
I must atone and pay my penance.

My father demands that I marry to save the family business.
The wilds of Scotland held no interest for me, yet this is how I must pay for my misdeeds.
Then I see her.

Hiding in the shadows like a little mouse.
Innocence and light, sugar and spice.
All the things good girls are made of.

She was never supposed to be mine.
But trapped in my dark world,
I’ll consume her completely.

ASIN: B0C8H4F544

Book Length: 0-60 Pages