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Five Steps Ahead

By Samantha Baca

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I had one job.

One responsibility.

Lust wasn’t a distraction that I had time for, and love was even further off the table. My career was demanding and required my undivided attention which left little time for romance. But when my sister went missing
after meeting a guy from the same dating app as the beautiful— way too young for me— college student that I had been assigned to protect, everything changed.

Keeping Hannah safe was my top priority, along with finding my sister. But the closer Hannah and I got, the more clouded my vision became. She was as sweet as she was innocent and things needed to stay that way. The only problem was that in order to keep her safe— she had to stay with me until the threat was handled.

Living in cramped quarters, I was up close and personal with all of the reasons why I couldn’t get involved with Hannah. With chemistry so combustible it could set the world on fire, we knew we had to keep our distance. One wrong move could be fatal with her stalker constantly five steps ahead.

Content Warning:

This book contains language and storylines that may be bothersome for some readers and is intended for a mature audience. Violence and sexual scenes may be shown in detail as well. The reader is encouraged to reach out to the author directly (authorsamanthabaca@gmail.com) if they would like to further discuss the content warning(s) for this book.
Warnings for Five Steps Ahead:


Book Length: 320-650 Pages


Samantha Baca