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Team Players

By stephanie brother

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I’ve always been told I’m a team player… now my foster brothers want to
put me to the test.

When I inherit a home from my long-estranged
father, it’s a dream come true. Pregnant and alone at nineteen, it’s just the
break I need. Except when I get the keys, I find out the house comes with a
whole lot more than I bargained for… eleven huge football-playing foster
brothers who are about to become my housemates.

They’re the team my father devoted his life to
training. If they can just stay fit, they’ll be going pro before they know it.
Gorgeous and ripped, they fill the house with their massive bodies and booming

I assume they must be players, both on and off
the field, and I hate them for stealing my father’s love. But first impressions
can sometimes be very wrong.

They treat me like a queen and look at me with
eyes that tell me they want to fill me with their own version of team spirit.

I can’t imagine why one sane man would want a
knocked-up cheerleader with so much baggage, let alone eleven. But the longer
we spend together, the more I fall for my foster brother dream team.

They want to stay together to make a home
filled with love for me and my child.

Eleven men want to be my second chance.

Except people like me don’t deserve second
chances, and if they can’t see that I’m going to have to make them.

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stephanie brother