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By CJ Bishop

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BK #1 – “Dark Soul”:

When Dr. Frank Harlan, the head psychiatrist at Black Moon Asylum, took in six-year-old Alec Strom, he knew the child was evil. Yet despite the dark soul residing within Alec, Frank felt bonded to the child –compelled to save him from the darkness consuming him. After 13 years of striving to help Alec, Frank is startled to realize that the care he feels for his patient has stealthily developed into something deeper, stronger, than a mere doctor/patient relationship. But when Alec attacks and murders a visiting psychiatrist, Frank is terrified of what will become of Alec –and even more terrified of his own feelings for the disturbed and dangerous young man.

Now, Frank sits alone in his office at the Asylum on the night of Alec’s execution, awaiting news of Alec’s death. Alone with his memories of a troubled child he watched grow into a troubled young man…and somehow fell in love with along the way. When the fated call comes in, he is consumed with sadness and a sense of failure. But the awful night turns to horror when Frank is suddenly faced with the terrifying reality that evil isn’t so easily extinguished.
BK #2 – “Black Heart”:

For two years, Frank Harlan has kept the memory of Alec Strom hidden deep in his mind – behind a door with a broken lock. Troubled by his attraction to the disturbed and dangerous young man, Frank has left the asylum and now struggles with the daily reality that Alec is still out there somewhere –and that a part of Frank longs for the boy to return.

One night, after sharing drinks with his longtime friend –Warden Ron McNeil –who urges him to let go of Alec’s memory and move on with his life, Frank meets a young go-go dancer who ignites his long-suppressed sexual desires. Frank takes the young man home and spends a passion-filled night with the boy… only to discover that not all things are as they appear.
BK #3 – “Burning Love”:

Frank is horrified when he learns that Alec caused the bar fire—and why he did it. Believing that his best friend, Ron McNeil, was also one of Alec’s victims, Frank is devastated and forced to remove his blinders where Alec is concerned. Unwilling to be the “reason” behind Alec’s deadly acts, Frank is left with no choice but to send Alec away and insist he not come back. Alec displays no emotion in response to Frank’s decision and leaves.

Truths quickly surface that cause Frank to doubt his decision to send Alec away. When another fire in a remote area not far from the city is broadcast on the news within 24 hours of Alec’s departure –indicating two dead –Frank is convinced it is Alec’s doing. Realizing Alec is more dangerous out on his own, without supervision, Frank is compelled to find him and take him somewhere away from people –for everyone’s sake, including Alec’s. Yet locating someone who can change appearances at will, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages