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The Tyrant's Island Compound: Grumpy Billionaire Enemies to Lovers Adult Romance (Secrets - An Enemies to Lovers Adult Romance Series Book 3)

By Rachel K. Stone

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The job description never mentioned “skills in managing a grump”...

Tori Caldwell is laser-focused on her marine research, choosing to otherwise keep to herself. When she takes a side job ferrying supplies to a grumpy island billionaire, she can’t help noticing his mature attractive features and chiseled muscles. But all billionaires are definitely arrogant and annoying...right? When her new boss goes from billionaire beast to unforgettable one-night stand, Tori finds herself caught between temptation and her career.

Billionaire Christian Ames has had his heart ripped out. When he found his fiancee embezzling funds from his company, he moved to a secluded island to protect himself from being hurt by a woman ever again. But when Tori, with her ample breasts, and red hair shows up with his supplies, the bulge in Christian’s pants reminds him he still has needs. Before he can stop it, his mind goes from protection mode to fantasizing about the delicious playground between Tori’s young thighs.

Christian catches Tori in a lie and it breaks his trust. But Christian can’t just walk away from the relationship...because ending it will end him.

Book 3 in the Secrets Series
Enemies to Lovers Adult Romance

Opposites attract in this steamy, grumpy billionaire romance that will have you craving your own island billionaire. No cliffhangers, just one very satisfying ending.
apple Rachel K Stone

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages