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The Truth About Myths (The Winemakers Book 3)

By Giovanna Siniscalchi

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"One of the most enjoyable historical romances I've ever read." Historical Fiction Company
A prudish princess on a mission…
Princess Isabel de Orleans would do anything for Portugal. When her brother, the king, asks for her help, she agrees to travel to Spain to defuse a diplomatic crisis.

A beloved rake as a babysitter…
Henrique, Viscount Penafiel, has no roots. He prepares to sail to greener pastures when his best friend blackmails him into accompanying the princess to an aristocratic-filled seaside resort.

Passion versus patriotism...
With his wit and ever-present grin, Henrique delights in showing how Isabel's morals are outdated. Isabel abhors philandering but is entranced by the caring man hidden below a devil-may-care attitude. The sister of Henrique's best friend should be high on a pedestal, safe from his lust. But by demolishing his ideas, she crumbles the height separating them.

A Bourbon with ulterior motives…
Alfonso is a king sans a throne. When the Bourbon's meteoric interest in Isabel threatens Portugal's independence, Henrique has to take drastic measures to save his country and Isabel's love.

If you're a fan of captivating tales set in the opulent backdrop of the 19th-century monarchy, this book is a must-read. Join Princess Isabel and the charming Viscount Henrique in their journey filled with passion, patriotism, and unexpected twists. Get your copy today and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of The Truth About Myths.
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