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Dark Embrace

By Talia Carmichael

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He’s used to being alone and enjoys the solitude but…when a stubborn man makes him want things he never has; he’ll have to decide will he go after the Dark Embrace.

Quinn Kane never expected that going to help friends with the wedding plans would lead him to a man who challenges all his senses. Quinn doesn’t trust easily and from the moment he meets Ashton, his instincts are conflicted if he should run or stand and claim this man. But not one to walk away he decides to see what happens. This leads him on a path he never expected.

Ashton Wilde enjoys solitude and doesn’t like people. Yet Quinn is under his skin before he even meets him. Just the sense of the man is enough to make his Garlven –human term Gargoyle – side ready to claim this man. A warrior who is cautious one moment yet so tender Ashton wants him more than anything. He’ll just do as he did best, be himself and bring this warrior into his life to become part of his Dark Embrace.


Book Length: 60-150 Pages