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Timeless Spirit

By Kay P. Dawson

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Noah Langley has always taken responsibility. For his sister, for his work, for anyone in need. Helping others has brought him to many places, but what he longs for is somewhere to call home.

When tragedy strikes, Elizabeth Noland must fight to keep her family's farm. With time as her enemy, she must rely on the unusual stranger who seems eager to step in.

Brought together through the most unlikely events, Noah and Elizabeth discover that despite their differences, love is able to overcome any span of time. When a costly decision is made, are they willing to risk everything to gain the whole world?

*Each book in the series is a standalone book, however it is recommended to read the prequel, TIMELESS HEARTS, by Kay P. Dawson, which is available Free on Amazon.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Kay P. Dawson